“It’s Not Easy, This Thing Really Got Her”– Veteran Actress Tola Oladokun Shade Tears Over What Isbae U Did To Her (Watch)

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Veteran Actress Tola Oladokun has shed tears of joy as Isbae u celebrated her in a very surprising way.

The veteran actress Tola Oladokun was so surprised by what Isbae u did to her that she could not hold herself as tears started rolling down her face.

She was praised in Yoruba way with so drummer and gifted gift alone, she showers prayer on Isbae u with tears rolling down her eyes.

Emiralty Africa WroteA deep moment of joy for veteran actress TOLA Oladokun as content creator Bae U celebrated her.

Watch The Emotional Video Below;

Netizens took to the comments section to appreciate isbae u, See Comments below;

Homotoyocee WroteThis is so emotional, I am all tears. This is great surprise which is needed at the right time not when she’s gone. God bless you my brother. Greater heights. Mama you shall live long to eat the fruits of your labour

Turkey_wear_in_abuleegba wrote@isbae_u you’ll also live long, you’ll prosper more than your father, as you appreciate this woman God will favor you too ❤️🙌.

Ramatbeautifulsaloon saysSee me crying 😭 like a baby . @isbae_u God will continue to uplift and provide for you more 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Olori_afolayan wrote: So beautiful to watch🥰 Bless up bro. we love u mama❤️

Afrik_calabash_market wrote: God bless her heart ❤️❤️❤️ @isbae_u God bless you

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