“For The Sake Of My Wife”-Mufti Menk’s tactful avoid body contact with Taaooma becomes an online sensation.(watch)

Written by fazazy39

One of the globally renowned Islamic scholars, Mufti Menk, gained widespread attention in Nigerian social media circles during his meeting with skit maker Taaooma.

Viral photos shared by the prominent Nigerian female skit maker captured the moment when she asked for a selfie with the distinguished Islamic cleric, sparking online reactions.

The recently engaged comedian shared details about how the renowned cleric tactfully avoided being photographed with her when she requested a selfie.

Mufti Menk strategically placed a bag between himself and Taaooma during their encounter, as revealed in her post.

She mentioned that the cleric explained he did so out of respect for his wife. Interestingly, when another man joined for a selfie, Mufti Menk allowed closer proximity compared to her.

In the viral encounter, Mufti Menk humorously remarked, “For the sake of my wife, let me put this bag here,” as he placed a bag between himself and Taaooma.

See Taaooma’s post below:

Netizens had diverse reactions to Taaooma’s post with Mufti Menk:

  • @iam_nazzzy: “My fav mufti ment.”
  • @Ademo_la: “My Fav Mufti. Always promoting Islam with every opportunity.”
  • @SAVYJOLA: “Drip everywhere.”
  • @uncletenshun: “I too love this man.”
  • @OblakN10: “Mufti no wan explain.”
  • @tosinraj: “No one meets Mufti Menk and not be happy.”
  • @ElonCanada: “Women dey get chance sha.”
  • @amazingtundeh: “Mufti doesn’t want to explain tire.”
  • @RealSheyi: “Even Sheik dey fear woman, Baba no wan explain. Bcus evidence dey❤.”

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