“Despite The Fact That My Father Is A Billionaire, I used to be broke, I work at 3 different retail stores – Billionaire daughter Temi Otedola (Video)

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Despite hailing from a wealthy background, billionaire daughter Temi Otedola sparks reactions online as she reveals that she was once broke.

This disclosure came during an interview with popular Nigerian YouTuber Korty in New York City, U.S.A.

This revelation follows singer Mr Eazi’s confirmation of his official marriage to Temi Otedola. Notably, Mr Eazi proposed to Temi Otedola in April 2022.

In the latest interview with Korty, Temi Otedola revealed that despite being born with Silver there was a time when her mum told her to go and work for her money.

Temi Otedola said that at the age of 15, there was a summer when her mum made a U-Turn from the usual as she told her and fellow siblings that there was no more pocket money and that if anyone wanted money for the summer the person needed to go and work.

Following the development, Temi Otedola said that she took a job at a retail store and by extension had to work at 3 different retail stores before the summer ends.

Narrating the nature of the job, Temi Otedola said her work involves going to the stock room to get clothes, folding the clothes, and standing in the shop for 12 hours.

She added that before the end of the summer, she was able to make a total of $1200 and was proud of her hard-earned money.

In her words; “One summer when I was 15, my mum basically says that this is the year
we stop giving you pocket money, if u want any money for summer, you have to go and work, so that summer I went to work in retail stores.

“I work in 3 different retail stores like just folding clothes, you go to the stock room to get clothes, I stand on the shop floor for 12 hrs at the end of that summer I made, $1200, and I was proud of that.”

Temi Otedola later in the video said she had been to over 27 countries around te world and she is going to 50. Describing herself, the billionaire daughter said that she is the one who doesn’t give easily.

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See reactions below;

bright___r: She’s free spirited & so fun to watch, Mr Eazi got himself a diamond fr.

t0funmi: She was $1200 broke when she was 15 , at 15 I still Dey watch Nickelodeon 😂.

a.s.l.gamb: If you live in the US that is disgusting money to make. That’s lower than low income. From beginning of summer till the end and only 1,200. That cannot even happen now, that’s slave labor, people make that at least biweekly working odd jobs.

kabi_dogara’: Rich man pikin think say poverty na joke 😂.

radcass2: Forget about the money, the fact that her mum allow her to work is where I want people to pick something from.

aakeem3694: $1200 at 15? The brokest you ever been?? Omo!!! At 15 I still de fight my siblings untop 100# 😢.

yourprincecharming01: After seeing this video i just want to call God on video call let’s put head together and reason 😢😢😑.

kemxy_699: She first burst laugh 😢ask me same question first . I will cry you a river 😢

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