Why Bolanle Ninalowo refused to kiss me on set – Bakare Zainab painfully shares

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Nollywood actress, Zainab Bakare, has cried out online as she shares the reason Ninalowo Bolanle refused to kiss her on set.

Bakare Zainab opened up about a memorable and painful experience from her acting career during a recent interview on the TALKTOB Show hosted by actress Biola Adebayo.

During the interview, Biola asked Zainab about a moment she couldn’t forget, leading to a candid revelation.

Zainab Bakare recalled a specific incident while on set with popular actor Bolanle Ninalowo.

According to Zainab, Ninalowo informed the director that he couldn’t kiss her because he only kissed A-list actresses.

This statement left Zainab feeling hurt and deeply affected by the discrimination she faced.

Despite the hurtful incident, Zainab Bakare shared that she has managed to move past it. While the experience was undoubtedly painful, she has found strength and resilience within herself to overcome such discrimination.

@dejahvu_01 commented: “Nino sef dey select who to kiss for film.”

@rhodaowolabi reacted: “I will be glad if you guys can even stop kissing in all movies.”

@officialhemhex 3 commented: “If it’s true oooo, Nino fall my hand for this one, you are suppose to be a professional at what you do, if u were call on a Hollywood project and u have to kiss a monkey, I definately know he won’t.”

@_sahidat 4 reacted: “When u succeed at end the high self esteem wll show naturally i love the courage @bakarezainab she was able to say that bcus success end her story i jst love her personality she’s jst too real.”

@i_am_hoyintemidamola said: “Wahala be like kissing.”

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