“Who Dey Handle Anty Ramota Abeg This Swag Too Much Menh”– Fans Say As Anty Ramota Share New Video

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Anty Ramota has continued to entertain her fans with her skills.

Anty Ramota has continued to showcase her dancing skills recently, Anty Ramota was seen dancing to a beat in a new video shared online.

The amazing part of the video is her dressing mode, the dress that amazes everyone, and her shoes that almost match her outfit.

Her Swahili fans are using the comments section to appreciate the video in there language.

Though it was revealed by Anty Ramota that she had the highest number of fans from Swahili.

She Wrote: @torystime please animate this please

Watch The Video Below;

See Social Media Reaction Below;

Lilili_beauty_I don’t understand again oo a Hausa full aunty ramota comment oo, wetin happen

Swahibasaid08Akiiona eliudi tumekwisha😂😂😂@eliudsamwel njooo upite nayo hii.

Milanzi.evanceVp tna farida unashangilia ushalipa madeni maan siyo kwa vibe ilo 😂😂😂😂

SaryahadjaKaka @eliudsamwel uko wap jaman😂 farida kawa michael jacskon 😂

Antyramota_authentic@gideonsebastian56 Mashabiki wangu wa Tanzania tafadhalini repost hii video kwenye ukurasa wenu asanteni 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

Ebutecastle: @lillies_beauty_ It’s not Hausa, it’s Swahili from 🇹🇿 . She has is big following out there… they call her Farida..

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