“We Are Just Colleagues,Please let her enjoy her marriage, me and Classy never dated” Orilabi speaks out as his skit-wife Bolanle Tayo got married

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Classy Iya Komedy, whose true name is Bolanle Tayo, well-known sketch creator Orilabi has cleared the air Regarding his relationship with fellow content creator.

Remember that during the last weekend, Classy Iya Komedy tied the knot with her dream partner? As they joke that Orilabi lost his skit-wife to another man, internet users have expressed both congrats and derision over the news of her marriage.

Orilabi clarified that the two never dated and that their on-screen chemistry and social media contacts were solely for content development, defying rumors and misconceptions. Orilabi took to social media to address the situation, shedding light on the nature of their friendship and collaboration.

He emphasized that the playful banter and collaborations seen on social media were part of their creative process, aimed at bringing joy to their audience.

Watch his conversation below:

Skit-maker Bolanle Tayo, popularly known as Classy Iya Komedy, tied the knot with her partner over the weekend, sparking a mix of congratulations and playful banter. Fans humorously mock Orilabi for “losing” his skit-wife to another man.

Bolanle Tayo, a renowned comedian, gained fame for her skits alongside Orilabi. Despite the playful mockery, social media was filled with congratulatory messages for Bolanle Tayo, celebrating her new chapter in life.

While some questioned how Orilabi would cope without his skit-wife, he clarified that he and Classy never dated, emphasizing their roles as content creators.

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