“Life never tire me o; I no fit use my death promote my album, Na Small Small Singers Dey Use That Style”– Portable shades Oladips

Written by fazazy39

Controversial singer Portable throws a significant shade at rapper Oladips for orchestrating a fake death, asserting that he won’t risk his life to promote any of Oladips’ albums.

Recent news on November 16, 2023, disclosed that Oladips’ reported death was merely a stunt to generate attention for his new album.

The revelation of Oladips’ fake death stirred considerable discontent among Nigerians, with many expressing frustration at what they perceived as an exploitation of public emotions.

Portable added to the criticism, emphasizing that he won’t jeopardize his own life in such a manner, asserting his contentment.

As the Zeh Nation executive, he urged people to appreciate and show love while he is still alive and well, rather than resorting to such drastic measures for album promotion.

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