“Another Person Wife, Actors dey enjoy oh”– Video of Ayo Olaiya and his female colleague while shooting movie stirs reactions online (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

A video showcasing Nollywood actor Ayo Olaiya and his female colleague has surfaced online, prompting mixed reactions among social media users.

Ayo Olaiya has sparked discussions online due to his romantic scenes with a female actress during the shooting of a movie titled “Kole.”

In the video during the movie shoot, the actor was seen inside the river with the female actress, marking just the beginning of the scenes that caught attention.

Later on, the actor showcased his romantic skills by skillfully managing scenes with the well-endowed actress in the river, adding another dimension to the attention-grabbing moments.

The actress, evidently aware of actor Ayo Olaiya’s attempts to take advantage during the movie shoot, made efforts to distance herself. However, her attempts proved futile as the actor persisted in getting cozy with her inside the water.

Predictably, the video triggered various reactions among netizens. Some applauded the actor’s romantic approach, asserting that actors truly enjoy their work, while others expressed contrasting opinions.

Critics addressed the actor for what they perceived as rough handling of the actress in the river, suggesting that he should consider taking on roles in more moral movies.

Watch the video below;


socialadsfixer_: Actors are really enjoying, this man is having a good time.

oluwakemisolatoyin: This is nonsense.

mofetola_cakes_andeven: What is this? 🤣🤣🤣.

olaniyanbis: It seems your movies are becoming inappropriate, bring in another actor.

richieaduragbemi: Ayo, you’re doing well; I might consider joining film production too.

lucas_rule: Nollywood guys are really enjoying.

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