“Ada Omo Daddy ehh” Mercy Aigbe overwhelmed with love as step daughter and husband shower her with support

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Mercy Aigbe Adeoti, an actress and influencer, responded to her husband Kazim Adeoti’s and stepdaughter Alliya Adeoti’s unwavering devotion for her first motion picture endeavor.

Mercy Aigbe posted a video of her stepdaughter and husband having a good time dancing, with the title of her project prominently displayed on their clothing. The pleased wife posted the video along with a touching message.

She addressed her stepdaughter as Ada, which means “Daddy’s first child” in translation.

“Father and Daughter vibes. All for Ada Omo Daddy, See you at the cinemas nationwide from Dec 15th! Save the date 📌📌📌Cc: my beautiful Ada @alliyahadeoti.

Awwwwww are you an Omo Daddy ( Daddy’s girl) or you are an ADA ( Daddy’s first girl child) Oya let me see your Dance with your Daddy 😍Tag me in your Dance Videos with your Daddy! Let’s celebrate our Daddies”

Kazim Adeoti, not for the first time, rallies his daughters to back his second wife, Mercy Aigbe.

Previously, Mercy Aigbe’s stepdaughters expressed massive support for her upcoming project, “Ada Omo Daddy,” scheduled for December release.

Kazim Adeoti shared a video featuring himself and his daughters from his first marriage donning custom vests with the title of Mercy Aigbe’s new movie prominently displayed.

Recently, Mercy Aigbe emphasized the role of an actress’ husband, asserting that such a man must be prepared to actively engage in and support his wife’s professional endeavors.

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