“Sensible people don’t have Time to explain” – Wumi Toriola addresses misinterpreted reports over her recent interview

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress Wumi Toriola clarified misconceptions surrounding her recent interview that went viral.

During a conversation with Debbie Shokoya, the Yoruba actress discussed being a single mother and emphasized accepting life as it comes, stating that she no longer sees herself as having options.

Wumi Toriola clarified that she expressed openness to marrying a widower or someone with children in her interview.

However, she addressed the misinterpretation of her statements, sharing screenshots of misleading captions on Facebook that misrepresented her words.

Wumi Toriola mentioned that she won’t be responding to the misleading captions as she believes no rational person needs an explanation for statements taken out of context.

Wumi Toriola expressed her perspective, saying, “Facebook people…they’re in another world. I’ve seen all sorts of captions after the podcast. Rational people don’t need an explanation. It’s up to them to explain, not me. They even added age to me.”

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