Nollywood actor Owolabi Ajasa receives congratulations as he becomes the first ambassador of Turicjo Properties.

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Nollywood actor Owolabi Ajasa secures a new ambassador deal with Turicjo Properties in Ogun State.

Turicjo Properties announced on their Instagram page that Nollywood actor Owolabi Ajasa is now the first ambassador of their real estate firm.

Owolabi Ajasa, known for his roles as a policeman in the Yoruba movie industry, has achieved the milestone of becoming the inaugural ambassador for Turicjo real estate properties.

Congratulations have been pouring in from netizens as actor Owolabi Ajasa secures a significant deal, becoming the first ambassador for Turicjo Properties.

Turicjo Properties announced actor Owolabi Ajasa as their first ambassador. The actor, also the Executive Governor of TAMPAN in Ogun State, Nigeria, received congratulations from well-wishers.

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