My Late Wife Battles A lot For Almost Three Months Before Her D£ath – Actor Lekan Olatunji Revealed The Cause Of His Wife’s D€ath

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Lekan Olatunji, a prominent actor in Abeokuta, recently experienced the loss of his beloved wife. The entire entertainment community in Abeokuta joined in the moment of grief, offering their support during the burial.

Lekan, still recovering from a severe accident the previous year, had his wife as a caretaker, making her sudden demise particularly poignant.

Many fans were curious about the circumstances surrounding her untimely death, considering Lekan’s recent accident and his wife’s crucial role in his recovery.

In an interview with Sunday Adigaun, the City People Head of TV, Actor Lekan Olatunji shared insights into the challenges his wife faced during her nearly three-month battle before her passing.

Sir, let me start by asking you to accept our condolences on the passing of your wife. Sir, how do you feel? How devastated are you and what really happened sir?

It’s true, our God is unquestionable, and in the face of loss, we must remain silent and avoid negativity. Last year, my life was spared, and this loss was a shock as we couldn’t detect the sickness earlier. Despite our best efforts, God knows best. Moving on is not easy; her presence is everywhere in the house. Her role as a mother and sister, I can’t forget. Everything was in her care, and I’m now searching for documents. Despite the unexpected, I trust that all will be well in Jesus’ name.

What was the nature of her sickness? You said you couldn’t discover on time

Indeed, she battled cancer, but the diagnosis came late. She had been complaining of backache for about a year, and we sought medical attention. Initially, one hospital diagnosed it as muscle constraint, and we treated accordingly. Later, another hospital suggested it was ulcer, and we treated for that as well. Unfortunately, we discovered it had affected her spinal cord, leaving her unable to walk. It was only after another test that we realized the true nature of her condition.

Ulcer or cancer?

I appreciate your understanding. The cancer, unfortunately, targeted her spinal cord directly instead of reacting within her body. The doctor recommended two surgeries, totaling twelve million. Thankfully, we managed to raise the funds within three days. The first surgery, costing over seven million, was successful, and we returned home with optimism. Even the physiotherapist expressed sadness upon hearing the subsequent news.

What about the 2nd Surgery?

I deeply appreciate your concern. For the second surgery, while preparing to proceed, a morning exercise plan took a sudden turn when she expressed difficulty in breathing. Rushing her to the hospital, we discovered low blood pressure. Despite efforts, her condition worsened rapidly, and she became unresponsive. The medical team promptly contacted the blood bank, but tragically, we spent less than an hour there. Glory be to God for sustaining us through these challenging times.

Last week, you suddenly became an online sensation, people started celebrating you and all that, how did it happen?

I prefer not to delve into that aspect as I’ve mentioned before. In short, Gistlover reached out to me through DM, and I appreciate the understanding and support extended by Gistlover. I express my gratitude, and I pray that God continues to be with them.

So let’s talk about your movie that is coming out,

“The life of a single Father”

Certainly, that’s the situation I find myself in. There was a day I forgot to pick my kids from school because it was usually my wife who handled such responsibilities. There have been several instances like that, and I’ve had to adjust to new responsibilities. For instance, with food, I have specific dietary preferences, and now there’s no one to cook for me directly. I’ve encountered various challenges, like meeting the needs of the kids and managing daily tasks alone. Despite the difficulties, I am grateful for God’s grace. I’m currently shooting the second season of the movie, “The Life of a Single Father,” and I’m on location.

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