Singer Harrysong Makes a record as he marries 30 women in a single day, breaks Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s record

Written by fazazy39

Prominent Nigerian artist Harrison Tare Okiri, professionally known as Harrysong, is sparking online discussions as he sets a new standard by marrying 30 women.

This accomplishment exceeds the renowned Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s feat of marrying 27 wives in a single day.

The significant event unfolded in a visually stunning manner, captured in a video featuring Harrysong surrounded by a gathering of women adorned in coordinated traditional attire—a clear symbol of the newly wedded brides.

The widely circulated video has ignited extensive speculation and discussion about the singer’s motives behind this unconventional gesture.

Fans and the public alike are eagerly intrigued, striving to grasp the implications of Harrysong’s choice, both in his personal life and within the context of his career.

Harrysong’s recent development prompts inquiries into societal norms and expectations, sparking conversations about the evolving dynamics of relationships and marriage in the present era.

While some commend his boldness, others are curious about the practicalities involved in managing such an unconventional marital arrangement.

Afrobeats legend Fela Anikulap Kuti previously set the record with 27 wives, making Harrysong’s 30 marriages an even more remarkable milestone.

The impact of this development on Harrysong’s image within the music industry and its potential influence on his future artistic endeavors is yet to be determined.

The singer’s unconventional decision challenges societal norms, highlighting the dynamic nature of relationships and sparking a broader conversation about the intersection of tradition and modernity.

When asked about the meaning behind the video and the concept of having 30 wives, Harrysong cryptically responded that his fans should stay tuned for the upcoming release of the video in the coming days.

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