“Please, why does this man lack sense?” – Biola Bayo throws shade at Adeniyi Johnson, and he responds.

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Nollywood actress Biola Bayo jests at her male colleague Adeniyi Johnson, sharing a picture of him in a warrior’s outfit on a movie set and humorously referring to him as her “stupid man obsession.”

She inquired about his well-being and tagged him in the post, saying,

“My man crush who doesn’t have much sense @adeniyijohnson, how’s it going?”

Responding to her post in the comment section, Adeniyi Johnson hinted at having something to share with her, stating,

“Please come; I want to tell you something.”

In a similar incident in July, Adeniyi Johnson’s ex-wife, Toyin Abraham, took a harsh jab at him during a movie premiere.

Despite their past, the ex-couple publicly exchanged pleasantries, acknowledging each other for the first time in over four years.

Adeniyi, attempting to keep the peace, avoided Toyin at the event, prompting her to confront him, calling him out in an abusive manner.

Adeniyi responded by questioning how she was doing.

It’s worth noting that Toyin and Johnson officially parted ways in 2019 after four years, citing alleged infidelity and attempted murder.

On a different note, Biola confronted a troll for making an insensitive comment directed at Bimbo Akintola, who had mocked Biola for her challenges in having a child.

The troll suggested that Bimbo should consider surrogacy, similar to Biola’s path. Expressing her disapproval, Biola questioned the troll’s cruelty and threw several questions at them, trying to fathom the insensitivity behind the comment.

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