‘Mummy GO’ captivates many with her rendition of the viral ceiling challenge in a surprising video.

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian woman, nicknamed ‘Mummy GO’ by internet users, has caused a sensation online with her participation in the popular Ceiling Challenge.

Shared on Facebook, the video sparked a wave of reactions from entertained viewers. The Ceiling Challenge, also recognized as the Phone On Ceiling Trend, has been trending on TikTok.

Participants attach their phones to the ceiling to showcase a distinctive bird’s-eye-view perspective while engaging in activities like dancing, posing, or twerking.

The zenith of the trend occurred in October and November 2023, frequently synchronized with the hit song “Surround Sound” by J.I.D.

In contrast to many participants engaging in more traditional activities, ‘Mummy GO’ adopted a unique approach.

In the footage, she ingeniously employed what seemed to be a Bible as her ‘prop’ for the challenge, steering away from the typical twerking or dancing associated with the trend.

Her video presented a distinctive and humorous perspective on the viral sensation.

Originally shared by a Facebook blog, the video has since garnered considerable attention and reactions from users across various social media platforms.

Netizens’ responses:

Splendor Emmanuel remarked, “This is rubbish!”

Edeh Favour Ngozi commented, “I like her. She’s moving with the times.”

Joy Nwankwo questioned, “Wetin be this?”

Chisom Francisca Ibe expressed, “This woman. I like her videos.”

Chi Chi suggested, “Mummy needs to sit this one out.”

Madukaku Adaeze Munachimso humorously stated, “People without curves, this is your challenge.”

Avwu Blessing wondered, “Is she really understanding the lyrics of that song?”

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