“I believe there will come a day when I can share the truth, and everyone will realize I’m not seeking attention,” says Nollywood actor Segbowe as he opens up about facing rejection from colleagues. (Details)

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Nollywood actor Akinola Akono, commonly known as Segbowe, has experienced profound distress in recent days regarding his newly produced movies.

The actor discloses that there will come a time when he can reveal the truth, assuring that he is not seeking attention. He anticipates the moment when the cup will be full, allowing him to speak out.

Judging by his social media expressions, it appears that he is currently facing significant challenges, possibly stemming from rejection by his colleagues for reasons known to him alone.

He extended his gratitude to everyone who reached out to him during his challenging period, assuring them that he’s making an effort to be fine and that God is already with him.

He expressed,

To be honest, I’m not sure how I manage to write and create these amazing works. I just hold my pen, and God fills the pages. Given my experiences here, I’ve stopped waiting for others to applaud my efforts. Lately, I’ve chosen to gift and motivate myself even more, despite the rejections. Some narrow-minded individuals label it as ‘pride,’ going to great lengths to obstruct what’s divinely inspired. Let me produce my movies, collaborate with those who believe in my abilities. I’m not in competition with anyone; I compete with myself. Awards are not my primary focus; I appreciate recognition when it comes. I believe these things will fall into place in due time. Regarding #KNOCKDOWN (sequels), I’m not playing the victim, but if you knew the extent of my struggle and how long it took to create its sequels, you’d empathize. May you receive manifold blessings for what you wish for me. Grateful for every sincere soul reaching out. I’m doing well, and yes, I’m still striving to stay afloat.”

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