Helen Paul moved many to tears as she shared her life story, revealing that she was born out of rape.:video:

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The well-known stand-up comedian and professor, Helen Paul, also known as Tatafo, has moved audiences with her emotional life story.

Known for her distinct baby-like voice, the 45-year-old film star, Helen Paul, found stardom through this unique vocal characteristic.

Recounting her life experiences at the Excellence in Leadership Conference (ELC) held on November 2nd & 3rd, Helen Paul shared her inspiring journey.

Helen Paul, from the Esan tribe, bravely disclosed that she faced stigma due to the circumstances of her birth – conceived from rape. She shared the emotional impact of her aunts reminding her that she carried “bad blood” and insisted that none of her grandmother’s stipends should be spent on her.

Helen Paul recounted how she was named Helen by an unknown man, emphasizing that her relatives saw her as a stain on the family, leading to the decision to have someone else’s name associated with her.

Helen Paul shared the emotional video on her Instagram page, encouraging her fans to persevere and not be discouraged by the stigma from their close ones. She emphasized her personal journey, highlighting her transformation from being a comedian to becoming a professor in the United States.

Never feel rejected; believe it to be your power force. From a comedian in Nigeria to a professor in the USA. What a story! Please be alive to tell your story too. All things will work out.” – Helen Paul.

It is worth noting that Helen Paul is married to Femi Bamisile and has two sons. In 2019, she obtained her doctorate in Theater Arts from the University of Lagos, dedicating it to her mother. In 2021, she relocated with her family to the United States.

Helen Paul currently serves as a professor and the Head of the Arts, Music, and Entertainment department at Heart International University in the United States. Meanwhile, her husband holds a Doctor of Law degree.

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