Ceiling challenge: Nigerian dad fumes after watching viral video of his daughter twerking hard on TikTok (Watch)

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After stumbling upon a widely circulated TikTok video showcasing his beloved daughter Blessing partaking in a ceiling challenge, a Nigerian father has expressed his displeasure. Read more: [link]

This incident occurred following the expulsion of a 100-level student from Madonna University who participated in the widely popular TikTok ceiling challenge.

The ceiling challenge is a popular TikTok craze where people display their dancing skills and ingenuity while lying on the floor by adhering their phones to their ceiling. People of all ages are participating in the fun as it has taken the internet by storm

After stumbling upon a TikTok video featuring his daughter energetically participating in the ceiling challenge, the Nigerian father expressed his displeasure.

In a shared WhatsApp conversation, the visibly upset father expressed disbelief as he criticized his daughter, Blessing, for engaging in what he deemed immoral acts during the ceiling challenge.

He adamantly declared that he would refuse to see his daughter again unless she promptly deleted the video from the internet.

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The video quickly gained traction online, with commentators sharing their perspectives. Some reactions include

Klamar💫⚔️⚔️ saying, “Why did you not do another trend 😂😂,”

PRETTY AUTHORITY❤️😊 stating, “Trend of Bible or studying 😂😂😂,”

aishamarco813 expressing, “The dad is rethinking why he named his daughter blessing atp😂😭,”

NAKH deco noting, “😂😂😂😂 Blessing has blessed the Instagram.”

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