Mohbad’s father expresses deep s0rr0w to God in a video after Wunmi accu$es him of requesting their son’s placenta.

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In a recent video, Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer Mohbad, is seen in tears after Wunmi, the late singer’s wife, accused him of requesting their son’s placenta.

Providing testimony before the Lagos coroner inquest on November 7th, 2023, Wunmi revealed that she had a positive relationship with Mohbad’s father until she gave birth to their son, Liam.

She explained that her relationship with Mohbad’s father became strained because she declined to give him her son, Liam’s, placenta.

She clarified that she simply sided with Mohbad on this matter, triggering a series of arguments.

She stated, “I used to have a very good relationship with my father-in-law before the birth of my son, Liam. In fact, I used to invite him to our house on many occasions.”

However, due to Mohbad’s anger towards his father over certain actions and the refusal to hold their son’s naming ceremony in Ikorodu, he directed his anger towards me, assuming I was the one orchestrating it all.

“So, he became my enemy and was not talking to me like before.”

In response to the accusation made by his late son’s wife, the father expressed profound displeasure. He asserted that there was nothing wrong in requesting his late son’s child and that God would be the judge of Wunmi for reporting him.

Expressing his anguish through song as he cried bitterly, Mohbad’s father pleaded, “God, please have mercy on me. They said I asked for the placenta of my own grandson. What did I do wrong? Why are they reporting me? May God judge between us.”

Watch the video below;

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