“Just Imagine Make This Kind Small Boy Scæm Me”–Brain Jotter Feel Hurt After Discover The Girl He Gave ₦400k Was Actually A Boy (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Amuzie, the well-known Nigerian Instagram comedian, and skit creator, Brain Jotter, expressed regret after falling victim to a scam by a disguised individual.

Just days ago, the comedian garnered praise for assisting a physically challenged woman.

In a video shared on his social media pages, Brain Jotter revealed that he assisted Eniola, a woman selling pure water with a handkerchief, whom he encountered on his way to a film set.

Through their conversation, he discovered she was a makeup artist from Osun State, forced to sell water to fund her makeup business.

She shared her dream of needing N400k to kickstart her makeup business, and to her astonishment, Brain Jotter generously handed her the substantial amount.

Sadly, the physically challenged individual has been deceiving the public about their identity. Gistlover, an anonymous blog, exposed the individual as a boy posing as a woman to survive.

Moreover, the person with physical disabilities had previously received substantial financial assistance. Brain Jotter expressed his disappointment on Instagram after learning about this deception. Read more: [Link]

After confirming the hawker’s true gender, Brain Jotter expressed his frustration with the prevalence of scammers in the country.

“If I say I’m not tired, I’d be lying. Just look at this. The bro deceived us all. Some people have helped him with over 600k before. He lied!! He is a MAN!!”.

Check out the social media reactions below:

Szn: “Would he get help if he were a man? Funny society.”

Ladyque: “No need to lie. He could’ve still gotten help as a man.”

Fossil: “Gender shouldn’t matter. Helping should come from the heart.”

Dinma: “Shows how tough it is for men in this country. Maybe he’s been struggling as a guy.”

Nickie Goldee: “Everything happens for a reason. Let’s hear from the boy before drawing conclusions.”

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