“If you have N20M in Nigeria and you later japa to abroad, You’re M@d”– Actor Aremu Afolayan (Video)

Written by fazazy39

In a recently surfaced video, Nollywood actor Aremu Afolayan criticizes individuals who enjoy a lavish lifestyle in Nigeria but opt to travel abroad in search of better opportunities.

In a video featuring his colleague Baba Tee, Aremu Afolayan strongly condemns Nigerians who, despite having up to N20M in their accounts, choose to leave the country for foreign nations like the USA, Canada, UK, and others.

Aremu Afolayan and Baba Tee voiced their strong disapproval of individuals who sell properties valued at over N20M only to relocate abroad, labeling it as an unwise decision.

In the clip, the actors shared a video of a family sleeping at a car park abroad, emphasizing that life isn’t as easy as it may seem in foreign countries.

The duo expressed their disapproval of someone having N20M in their account and resorting to selling their houses just to move abroad, labeling it as madness.

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