“AREMUREBE 2023, Forever Is The Deal” – Actress Biola Adekunle Delights Fans With Engagement Video Featuring Nollywood Actor Lekan Olatunji (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Actress Biola Adekunle recently shared heartwarming pictures with Nollywood actor Lekan Olatunji during the premiere of his new movie, “Life of A Single Father.” In a surprising twist, Biola Adekunle revealed a deeper connection, expressing that their love is everlasting, and nothing will come between them as they journey through life together.

The movie premiere, held in front of Lekan Olatunji’s house, was not only a celebration of his film but also an opportunity to honor his late wife. During the event, Biola played the role of his late wife, contributing to the emotional atmosphere.

Lekan Olatunji expressed gratitude for the support he received, especially acknowledging Gistlover for a generous contribution of 20.1 million Naira. The event marked a significant moment for Lekan Olatunji, and Biola Adekunle’s presence added a special touch to the occasion.

The phrase “Forever is the deal, Aremurebe 2023, opooooor far!” hints at a strong commitment and connection between Biola Adekunle and Lekan Olatunji. The anticipation for Lekan Olatunji’s upcoming movie, “Life of A Single Father,” has been heightened, promising an emotional and captivating story.

Watch The Video Below;

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