“Young Duu Na My Boi, I know How To Handle Him”-Portable releases disclaimer, denies sending boys to beat up Young Duu

Written by fazazy39

Street-hop artist Portable plans legal action against ex-signee Young Duu, vehemently denying any involvement in sending individuals to harm him.

Earlier reports highlighted Young Duu’s claim that Portable orchestrated an attack against him.

He alleges that the individuals intending harm were dispatched by the “Zazzo” crooner due to his newfound fame post-departure from the record label, Zeh Nation.

Portable’s management strongly refutes this accusation, asserting that the young singer aims to tarnish Portable’s reputation for the sake of gaining attention and promoting his upcoming song.

It reads in part:


Our focus has been on Young Duu’s accusation against Portable, claiming he was assaulted by individuals sent by Portable.

We vehemently denounce this allegation, as it lacks any substance and appears to be a deliberate attempt to smear Portable’s industry reputation.

We urge all Portable’s fans to dismiss these baseless claims, and we are currently engaging our legal team to take necessary actions with the authorities to address this situation.”

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