Teen actor Otunba Ojo celebrated his father, actor Olayiwola Moroof, in anticipation of his upcoming birthday.

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Nigerian teen actor Otunba Ojo expressed his appreciation and celebrated his beloved father, actor Olayiwola Moroof, in anticipation of the latter’s birthday.

Otunba Ojo shared photos of his father on his Instagram page, extending early birthday wishes and expressing his eagerness to celebrate his father on that special day.

He expressed, “Happy birthday in advance daddy, can’t wait to celebrate it ❤️❤️❤️.”

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In a lighthearted news, Nigerian actress Joke Jigan decided to have some fun with her fans, involving a set of wigs worth N3.8 million. She playfully praised her husband, Jegun Mah, for always going above and beyond for her.

Joke shared that she had been admiring a specific wig on Instagram and mentioned it to her husband.

To her surprise, her husband didn’t just give her the money but instead copied the vendor’s page and ordered not one, but three beautiful wigs for her. She posted a photo of the three wigs, which appeared far from their actual value, leaving her fans both surprised and amused.

In her words, “So I told my man how I’ve been admiring one particular wig on IG for a while now. Guess what, guys, he copied the vendor’s page and ordered it for me instead of giving me the money.

He didn’t just order one, but 3 beautiful wigs. I love how intentional you are about me, my dear. I love you so much, my King. Mine forever. 3.8 million.”

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