Queen Dami, the estranged wife of Alaafin, defends her partner, Portable, against assault allegations made by Young Duu.

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Amidst controversy, Queen Dami, the estranged wife of the singer known as Portable, stands by him as he faces assault allegations from his former signee, Young Duu.

The upcoming singer claims the Zazu crooner sent individuals to harm him, sparking a public appeal for caution against further harm from his ex-boss.

In response to the accusations, Queen Dami, on her Instagram page, shared a press statement from Portable’s management refuting the claims. The management asserted that the allegations lacked substance and were intentionally crafted to damage Portable’s reputation.

They confirmed Portable’s well-being and mentioned his upcoming tour in Russia and the UK.

Read the press statement below,

Since parting ways with the label, Portable and Young Duu engaged in a public feud, exchanging serious allegations. Portable labeled Young Duu as “bad luck,” blaming him for the label’s misfortunes. He accused Young Duu of ingratitude, highlighting his gesture of buying a car for him and claiming jealousy towards other label members’ success.

Queen Dami’s defense of Portable isn’t surprising, given the singer’s history of supporting her. Previously, Portable defended Queen Dami against actor Lege Miami, who exposed her romantic involvement with Portable. Portable, with evidence, refuted Lege’s claims, revealing the actor’s financial requests from his wife.

Confirming their relationship, Portable acknowledged his affair with Queen Dami, initially a fan before her husband’s passing. He emphasized his commitment to avoiding affairs with married individuals.

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