“Please Help Check on Portable oh” – Reactions as Young Duu releases hottest music video for hit song Oyimo As Carter Efe Claim The Ownership (Watch)

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Young Duu has become a hot issue on the internet since the release of his new song, “Monke” (Oyimo), which features Carter Efe. The song’s audio and music video were released simultaneously on November 8, 2023, at midnight.

As a result, the former has been crowned the sexiest to depart the country of this year.Check out the latest music video for the hit song “Oyimo” by Young Duu, featuring Carter Efe claiming ownership of the tune.

Recall that before the two broke up, Young Duu had a contract with Portable, the latter of which claimed the former was unlucky for the Zeh Nation label and brought little profit.

Young Duu says that Portable, his former employer, is just trying to ruin his life by throwing him out of Zeh Nation, in response to the charge made against him.

RegardsHe said in a recent video that Portable had sent someone to beat him up in addition to pointing out that Portable hadn’t really signed him.

Everyone takes notice when Young Duu releases his first single, Oyimo, featuring Carter Efe outside of Zeh Nation. Carter Efe and Young Duu have been together since Zeh Nation’s demise.

Young Duu’s dripping in the music video has gone viral on social media, receiving a ton of praise from fans.

Watch the video below;

View responses below.

tutufab: Whoa. The video appears smooth and new already. Right now, portable go dy fume is punching 🥊 the air. particularly when YoungiDu is brand-new.

emperor.richie: Let us, however, take a moment to put ourselves in your shoes. Would you be happy if this were to happen to you?

The Identity Guy: This is a really nice video. Youngi Duu, you are blessed, and with God’s grace, you will purchase your dream car this year❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

HandsomeSayings77: I am a victim of rape, and I am not doing anything to take care of my two-year-old son for adoption.

chucklepillsc comedy: However, Zazu mentioned the paper he used to sign all of the artists he knew. Carter- Would you like to do this one, Efe?

victortv1_: as if you had arrived

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