“You wanted to use Mohbad’s father to cash out, but God exposed your secret” – Prophetess Holy Mary criticizes Prophetess Kehinde Osoba.

Written by fazazy39

Prophetess Holy Mary and Prophetess Kehinde Osoba, both prominent figures in their Christian community, are engaged in a heated social media feud.

This feud stems from previous criticism by Prophetess Kehinde Osoba against Prophetess Holy Mary.

In a recent update, Prophetess Holy Mary Motundalayo responded to Prophetess Kehinde Osoba’s previous comments, saying, “I may be called, but you’re a Prophetess out of desperation.

You claim to be doing God’s work, yet you can’t even respond to greetings in church, and you misbehave.

You wanted to use Mohbad and his father to profit, but God exposed your secrets. I didn’t call you to be poor, and I don’t engage in promiscuous behavior like you do.”

In response to this ongoing feud, Prophetic Oloyede issued a message to both Prophetess Kehinde Osoba and Prophetess Holy Mary Motundalayo.

The message emphasized the need for unity and love among members of the Cherubim and Seraphim Christian faith, and it urged both parties to stop the ongoing battle, as it has negatively impacted the image and doctrine of the church.

Prophetic Oloyede reminded them of the importance of maintaining peace and unity within the church and called for a halt to the public feud.

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