Irish chef Alan Fisher has dethrones Hilda Baci as he breaks Guinness World Records with 119 hours of cooking

Written by fazazy39

Irish chef Alan Fisher, currently based in Japan, has achieved two Guinness World Records, surpassing Nigerian celebrity chef Hilda Baci. The official GWR Twitter page announced these records.

Firstly, Alan Fisher secured the record for the longest individual cooking marathon, setting an impressive time of 119 hours and 57 minutes. This achievement exceeded the previous record of 93 hours and 11 minutes, which was held by Nigerian chef Hilda Baci earlier this year.

Alan Fisher, the Irish chef, also set a record for the longest baking marathon, where he baked for an astounding 47 hours and 21 minutes. This achievement surpassed the previous record of 31 hours and 16 minutes held by American baker Wendy Sandner.

Notably, Fisher successfully undertook both record attempts one after the other, devoting over 160 continuous hours in the kitchen.

Alan Fisher first learned about the longest cooking marathon record back in March while he was actively involved in the “I Love Ireland” festival in Tokyo. During the festival, he spent two nights inside a rented kitchen car.

During a break at the festival, he decided to conduct online research and found that the record was previously held by India’s Lata Tondon, who had achieved a time of 87 hours and 45 minutes. However, in May, Alan discovered that Hilda Baci had surpassed the record, achieving a remarkable time of 93 hours and 11 minutes.

These remarkable achievements were accomplished by the Tokyo-based chef at his restaurant, Kyojin Stewhouse, which specializes in Irish cuisine. Alan Fisher embarked on these challenges as a way to overcome the pandemic-related difficulties that had nearly forced his business to close its doors.

In his pursuit of these records, Fisher cooked over 550 kg of food, preparing a total of 3,360 servings of 32 traditional Irish dishes. He attributed his unwavering motivation to the steadfast support of his local community, even during challenging moments of fatigue and hallucinations.

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