“In this life stay away from people who benefited from you but act like you gave them nothing” – Portable angrily throws shade at Yungi Duu

Written by fazazy39

Portable, the controversial singer, recently shared a cryptic message on his Instagram, raising questions about the intended recipient of his shade.

This message coincides with his ongoing feud with his ex-signee, Young Duu, who has been gaining attention on social media since leaving Portable’s label, Zeh Nation.

Portable’s message advises people to avoid those who have benefited from their help but act as if they received nothing.

It seems to reflect his frustrations with Young Duu’s newfound success and the perception that Portable may not be receiving due credit for it.

Portable’s post on Instagram was direct and to the point:

“Stay away from people who have benefited from you but act like you have never given them anything.”

Here are some reactions to Portable’s post:

  • ireoluwa wrote: “Portable you sef move on🤣”
  • dullahyaro commented: “Lol you tell pikin say if I help you, help your self, the boy start to they mingle with people so he fit get more help, the thing vex you and you say he no dey come studio , you pursue an commot now grace done speak for the boy😂, you con dey vex”
  • cyril_unusual opined: “Portable is pained 😂😂”
  • legal_kiks said: “You’re just bitter.. let the young boy breathe!”
  • manlike_ugo wrote: “You chased him away from your label, now he’s doing good 💯 what else do you want from him ??”

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