Reason Why I’ve Stopped Working for Money – Kunle Afolayan Spill

Written by fazazy39

Many of us dedicate our daily lives to increasing our income, building our reputations, developing our brands, and pursuing our dreams.

However, Nollywood director Kunle Afolayan no longer finds these pursuits significant.

In a recent interview with The Nation, when asked about his goals and what he wishes to be known for, Kunle Afolayan revealed that he no longer works for monetary gain and has no further ambitions.

In his own words, he expressed, “I’m just a person who loves life, would like to leave a mark, and enjoy life. I want to be remembered for what I’ve already achieved.

My focus now is to maintain my name and continue to make an impact.” While he continues to work on various projects, it’s no longer about setting specific goals but fulfilling his destiny and leaving a lasting legacy through his work.

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