“Portable won’t be able to sleep tonight” – Fans reactions as Blord set to give new car, multi-million naira endorsement deal to Young Duu following rift with Portable

Written by fazazy39

Renowned cryptocurrency investor and entrepreneur, Blord, is poised to offer a substantial multi-million naira endorsement to Young Duu, the former signee of Portable, just a few weeks after the artist parted ways with his record label due to a lack of profitability.

The billionaire cryptocurrency expert made the announcement on his Instagram page, revealing the progress of the deal. He shared a video showcasing Young Duu and his team arriving at his mansion to formalize the agreement.

Young Duu listened as Blord discussed his upcoming salary and their collaborative efforts on an undisclosed project. Rumor has it that the cryptocurrency expert intends to include a new car in the deal.

This development comes in the wake of Portable’s decision to release Young Duu from his record label due to the artist’s inability to generate substantial profits since joining.

Here are some of the reactions that followed:

  • theella_space humorously commented: “Portable setting his ring light to advise Blord right now… sleepless nights ahead for Omolalomi 😂”
  • kennedyexcel added: “Congratulations, Young Duu! I hope you thoroughly read the contract before signing to avoid future problems 😉…”
  • tufabs quipped: “This is going to hurt Zazooo so much 😂😂😂. He’ll be dropping subs left and right.”
  • coal_city remarked: “Young Duu must have seen someone willing to help him and decided to act like a celebrity. 🙄”
  • carphy_flinks expressed: “Portable won’t be able to breathe properly now… congratulations, Young Duu, my role model 🥹”

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