“I don pass my former boss from trenches to Lekki, from Lekki to America” – Young Duu boasts of career progress, compares himself to Olamide, Wizkid

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian artist Young Duu discussed the evolution of his career, highlighting his journey from humble beginnings, similar to Wizkid and Olamide, to his current status in Lekki.

Recently, Young Duu severed ties with Zeh Nation due to disagreements with his label head, Portable.

He’s been spotted socializing with prominent figures, including comedian Carter Efe, as showcased in a recent video where they enjoyed a lively interaction.

In an Instagram live session, Young Duu shared his aspirations for a transformation in his career, drawing parallels to Olamide and Wizkid. He emphasized his journey from humble beginnings in the trenches, his current status in Lekki, and his future goal of making it to America.

His remarks have captured the interest of numerous people, who have expressed their responses in the comments section.

Here are some of the reactions from the comments section:

  • @Olami_Lekan09: “Motivating yourself is allowed.”
  • @pablotimsonTNN: “You are going to get there one day, Young Duu.”
  • @Oladimeji_Fred: “I like his beliefs and motivations about himself, even if his music didn’t pass Nigeria, he will still be rich and well-known across the country.”
  • @Premium_S0n: “Yes, but they are musically talented and not just riding trends/peer pressure.”
  • @iamemray1: “Normal. I like how you’re motivating yourself. You got this, Young Duu.”



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