“I just want to be someone’s wife or girlfriend” – Elderly woman cries profusely in video, says she’s tired of being alone (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

An elderly woman took to the internet to express her deep frustration about her inability to find love, let alone become someone’s wife.

In a viral video circulating on social media, viewers witnessed the heartbreaking moment when she couldn’t hold back tears while lamenting her single life. She shared her overwhelming desire to no longer be alone and to find a companion.

She openly declared her readiness to become a wife, and if that wasn’t achievable, she was willing to embrace the role of someone’s girlfriend.

Despite acknowledging that others might not find her outwardly attractive, she expressed self-appreciation by removing her glasses, as the emotional weight of her circumstances became overwhelming.

On social media, compassionate users expressed their sympathy for her plight, offering their thoughts in the comments section. Some reactions included:

perpetualhairextensions2 reflected, “Loneliness can be overwhelming. Growing old in solitude isn’t a laughing matter. You might enjoy it in your youth, but facing old age alone is tough.”

ayzne_ wished, “May you find love, ma’am… someone who’s intentional about being with you.”

the_saucee_ empathized, “Loneliness can be painful at times. I hope certain misconceptions about feminism don’t lead to such a fate.”

partyshopng highlighted, “True love has a remarkable way of enhancing one’s happiness. Knowing there’s someone who loves you in your corner is pure bliss.”

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