“Those Guys Really Try For You, Hope You Can Still Eat”– Fans Tell Actress Olaniyan Tosin As She Shares Video Of Herself With Swallow Mouth From Hospital (Watch)

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Nollywood actress Olaniyan Tosin has posted another video in which she reveals her appearance after a recent altercation.

Naijalegit previously reported that Olaniyan engaged with a group of fellow celebrities, both male and female, who were enjoying themselves. During this encounter, she challenged them, suggesting they lacked respect.

The video, shared this morning by the young actress, depicts the aftermath of a physical confrontation with her colleagues due to her confrontational behavior towards them the previous day.

She has a habit of addressing her colleagues, both male and female, in a childlike manner, often referring to them as “big colleagues” instead of senior colleagues. Her followers expressed satisfaction with the confrontation, which was a response to her boastful behavior.

She wrote: “It is well with me. If I hadn’t sat down with them, who are they? @jiganbabaoja, please, I need your guidance and support, mentor.”

Watch The Video Below;

Check out the social media reactions below:

  • Doctor_bicycle: Lmao 🤣… Thank God you’re still alive. May blessings come your way 😂😂😂😂😂.
  • Mhiz_classy1: Your hand has indeed touched you 😂. Sorry, dear sister, get well soon and continue your good work. We don’t want peace, we want drama always 🤣.
  • Pradaleesa: Your mouth is still functioning 😂😂😂😂. Will you have croissants with hot chocolate?
  • Itskikelove: Sorry, but not sorry, I warned you that your mouth would get you in trouble one day 😂😂😂. Look at your life.
  • Therealtolani: Sorry, sis 😂😂😂. Can you still eat with your current condition? 😂😂

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