“Body refuses to cooperate with the delusions” – Video show Bobrisky’s rough beard causes stir

Written by fazazy39

A video capturing the unexpected sight of controversial crossdresser Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, with visible facial hair at a party has stirred up a commotion on the internet.

In the video, Bobrisky was attired in a flowing black gown and appeared to be trying to deal with the hair that was concealing his face. This is quite surprising as Bobrisky is renowned for using special effects to present a feminine appearance, but in this instance, his unshaven beard was unintentionally revealed.

Caught off guard when he inadvertently exposed his scruffy beard while adjusting his hair, Bobrisky quickly attempted to conceal it in the video.

Fans had mixed reactions to the video, with some finding humor in the crossdresser’s unexpected display of facial hair, while others came to his defense.

Here are some of the reactions from viewers:

@sd_lunalovegood7: “Honestly, she might have PCOS. Hirsutism affects women too. I honestly wouldn’t be in a space like that if I had a 5 o’clock shadow, even after shaving. Netflix and chill.”

@violet_wangu_: “When the body refuses to cooperate with the delusions.”

@violet_wangu_: “Oh, is this what he’s trying to hide? He didn’t wax.”

@bamaboyslim: “The beard is about to break through the makeup.”

@natashagoodness: “Laser hair removal is an available option. Didn’t she get the memo?”

@lovelyne: “Bob said you people should not record him with an Android phone.”

Watch the video below…

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