“You’ve being my mother and pillar have come without negotiations”- Actor Ogogo shower praise on his wife as he clock 63 years

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Nigerian actor Taiwo Hassan, fondly known as Ogogo, turned 63 today, October 31, and he celebrated his birthday with his family. He expressed his appreciation for his wife, referring to her as his mother and pillar of support. In a social media post, he thanked her for her unwavering support and the role she plays in his life and their family.

He wrote, “To my little but absolute input, to the ones who have made being ME (Alhaji Taiwo Hassan Ogogo) easy and complete. To the ones who have given their all as time may remember, to the ones who germinated me back into existence, who have given me an undiluted replica, to my soldiers, to my backups.

Thank you for all you do; you are part of the things I got right. Being your husband hasn’t been easy, but you two being my mother and pillar have come without negotiations. Thank you, my die-hard fans 🫂.”

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During an electrifying moment at one of King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal’s (Kwam 1) concerts, veteran Nigerian actor Taiwo Hassan, popularly known as Ogogo, displayed immense respect and admiration for the Fuji music legend. In a video shared on Kwam 1’s official Instagram page, Ogogo joined the musician on stage and celebrated him in a unique way by showering him with praise and making money rain.

As Kwam 1 delivered an electrifying performance, Ogogo could not contain his enthusiasm and appreciation for the music icon. He climbed on stage with a handful of Naira notes, wore a beaming smile, and tossed the money into the air as a sign of respect and celebration. It was a heartwarming moment that showcased the actor’s deep admiration for the legendary musician.

Watch the video below:

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