“You’re The Best No Dispute”– Fans Hail Actress Ibrahim Charter Has He Pray With His Student In Christian Way (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actor Ibrahim Chatta has won the hearts of many as he was seen in a video praying with his students in the Christian faith. The actor emphasized that God is God, and no matter the language you use to worship Him, He will surely answer.

This showcases Ibrahim Chatta as a versatile actor who practices what he portrays in his movies.

He received praise from his followers for being a unique individual who doesn’t hold any religious biases and has no issues with either the Christian or Muslim faith. Ibrahim Chatta’s belief in the oneness of God, regardless of the language used to address Him, is a rare and admirable perspective. He emphasized in his message:

“God is GOD,

no matter what you see,

no matter how you see it,

no matter what you think.


Watch the Video Below;

Here are some social media reactions:

  1. Lanre_forward: Anything that praises almighty God, I am there. Regardless of the language or beliefs.
  2. Fred.r8: To be your fans is not by mistake but by choice and heritage. Forever love you. It’s not easy to be called the Role Master himself. A simple message in short words. God is one; know this and know peace.
  3. Holluwabhunmi: God is great. See my baby’s voice. Ibrahim, I love you.
  4. Iam_Olamuyiwa: Sir, you are the best for believing in both religions. Thank you so much, sir. God is one. We are one.
  5. Marykorede: Only the One God. 🙌🏽❤️

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