“See Watin Advise Of Erekere Lead Me Too”– Ibrahim Yekini In Shock As Erekere Achieve His Phone, Gold Chain, T-shirt And Many Valuable Items As He Was Advising Him To Stop Steæling (Watch)

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In a new comedy skit, Nollywood actor Ibrahim Yekini, popularly known as Itele D icon, teamed up with Erekere. In the skit, Itele D icon was seen offering advice to Erekere about his past online stealing habits and how it was making people fearful when he was around.

During this advisory conversation, Erekere humorously reminded the actor that when he acted in Kesari’s movie, he portrayed a hardened criminal. Therefore, Erekere questioned why Itele D icon was advising him to stop stealing now.

In the humorous skit, Itele D’s character, reluctant to take the spotlight in front of Erekere, advised him to cease stealing trivial items and instead opt for bigger targets. However, Erekere humorously reminded Itele D of his own past in the Kesari movie.

To Itele D’s surprise, Erekere had already pilfered his phone, clothing, sunglasses, gold chain, and various other valuable possessions from his car. The comedic video was shared by Erekere on his Instagram account.

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  • Kamo_state: Hilarious! You’re just having fun ❤️.
  • Official_jaspery: Kesari, you’ve got to watch this! 📌
  • Official_kay_might: If you adore PastorPikin, like my comment!
  • Evergrace24: Even iTele himself must have had a good laugh, entertaining my fans 😂😂😂

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