“Don’t Over Play Your Role In People’s Lives”– Actor Akeem Adeyemi Hit Back At His Best Friend Wunmi Toriola As She Never Wish Him When His Wife Gave Birth (Watch The Full Video)

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Nollywood actor Akeem Adeyemi has shared a video in which he discusses the importance of not relying on someone but rather having hope in yourself. The actor, who recently returned to Nigeria, appears to be quite upset about something that only he is aware of.

In the video, Akeem Adeyemi expresses his unhappiness, possibly because his best friend Wunmi Toriola did not wish him well when his wife gave birth to a baby girl a few days ago. The video provides more context, which can be seen in the full video linked in the article.

Akeem Adeyemi couldn’t keep his pain to himself, and he felt the need to share it online. He emphasized that he has learned some valuable lessons over the years, including always returning the same energy and not overplaying a role in someone’s life to maintain self-respect. He also advised not to expect too much from people to avoid disappointment.

He specifically mentioned that his close friend Wunmi Toriola did not post a message for him when his wife gave birth. He expressed his feelings in a message:

“Hello Nigeria! Hello Lagos … Things I have learned over the years … Always return the same energy … Don’t overplay your role in people’s lives. It doesn’t end well … it’s not pride, it’s called self-respect. Secondly, don’t expect too much from people; trust me, you won’t get disappointed.”

Watch the video below;

Reactions from social media users poured in following Akeem Adeyemi’s post:

Hally_accessories: “Hmmm, I hope it’s not what I’m thinking 🤔. Nothing must do the friendship between you and Wumi ooo 🤦🏼.”

Jolaokanlaenterprise: “My brother, I learned a big lesson on those topics, but with God, everything is gonna be alright. Welcome back home.”

Zainabolamide45: “The caption sounds suspicious 😒, hope all is well, though … welcome back to your fatherland ❤️.”

Omo_akin533: “Baba ikoko welcome home.”

Yusuf_adetunji_shakirat: “How is our baby? Welcome home.”

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