“What if everything he said about his wife is true, stop blaming him” Actor Yomi Fabiyi drums support for Mohbad’s father

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has been lending his support to Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer Mohbad. Aloba had faced criticism for repeatedly discussing his son’s passing, with some speculating that it was an attempt to reclaim his son’s belongings.

Prior to this, Joseph Aloba had accused his son’s widow of infidelity and even of putting sleeping drugs in his food during the Coroner’s Inquest.

He revealed the primary reason for his lack of trust in Wunmi by alleging that she was involved in an extramarital relationship with one of the singer’s signees. This statement faced criticism from many, including Tonto Dikeh.

Yomi Fabiyi expressed his support for Mohbad’s father, emphasizing that as a human being, he has the right to have suspicions beyond property concerns. Yomi pointed out the possibility that the accusations against his son’s wife might be true since she hasn’t refuted them.

He also highlighted the emotional trauma the father is experiencing, fearing that if Liam isn’t Mohbad’s biological son, he would lose both his child and the singer’s assets.

Yomi urged people to STOP BLAMING THE FATHER”.

“Stop following these divisive, confused, faceless, and selective activists and bloggers who disregard the rights of those who express different opinions. Can any amount of property left by Mohbad heal the pain of losing him and replace him with his father? Even the late singer himself acknowledged how his father struggled to raise him and apologized for his past mistakes.

Who can understand that part of the lyrics better than his own father? There’s a significant difference between MURDER and BULLYING. Those convicted of murder face severe prison sentences, including the death penalty. Unless you’ve been to prison, you can’t truly comprehend it. Before you accuse someone of murder, make sure you have concrete evidence. The father’s approach may not have been to everyone’s liking, especially when shared online, but that doesn’t negate his rights and his fight to ensure he didn’t lose everything.

Always be open-minded and respect others’ rights both offline and online. Let the man grieve, express his concerns, and fight for everything that belongs to his son, especially from those he believes shouldn’t have a claim to it.

If anyone should have a right to Mohbad’s properties, given the concerns raised by the deceased to his father, clear all his doubts, and then the man can find closure. That’s a significant part of the justice he deserves.

Note: Don’t let social media be used to silence or defame the innocent man. He is fighting for his son, not his property. Wunmi also has the moral right to defend herself against such serious allegations. She should present her truth if there is any.”

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