“Portable Agba Y Y”—Yung Duu angrily responds as Portable demands N100M before releasing him to any record label

Written by fazazy39

The controversial artist Portable Omolalomi has sparked a response from his former protege, Yung Duu, as he stands firm on his demand for a 100 million Naira fee before allowing Yung Duu to sign with any record label. This development occurred shortly after Yung Duu and the CEO of Eh God Records, Carter Efe, were seen together, fueling speculations about signing Yung Duu to Efe’s label.

During a recent interview, Portable, the head of Zeh Nation Records, emphasized that Yung Duu is considered his investment, and thus, he won’t release him without compensation. He continued by insisting on a 100 million Naira payment from any potential record label interested in signing Yung Duu.

During a recent interview, Portable, the head of Zeh Nation Records, firmly asserted that Yung Duu is an artist he has heavily invested in. Consequently, Portable stated that Yung Duu cannot be released from his contract unless compensation is provided.

He further emphasized his demand for a substantial sum of 100 million Naira from any potential record label seeking to sign Yung Duu. In Portable’s words,

He is my protege, and I am the one who discovered and financially supported him. Please inform him that any record label wishing to sign Yung Duu must pay me 100 million Naira. This situation is akin to what Oladips did with Reminisce, and we can see where he stands now. Oladips implored me not to release him, so he wouldn’t face a similar fate of being adrift.

Yung Duu wasted no time in responding to his former boss’s demands, clarifying his connection with Carter Efe’s record label. He also addressed Portable’s intentions, highlighting the disparity between his public image and private character.

He remarked,

100 million Naira for what? They’re not even trying to sign me; they’re just providing assistance. If you can’t fulfill a role for someone and you encounter another person who can, don’t obstruct their path. All you’re interested in is what will garner public attention and discussion. There are certain negative actions you’re involved in that you can never reveal.”

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