“This thing dey give youngu duu more fame”Video of Portable spraying bundle of ₦500 notes on New Signee Monke Cause Stir

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Nigerian rapper Habeeb Olalomi Oyegbile, known as Portable, recently celebrated the signing of Monke as a new artist with Zeh Nation Records. During this celebration, Portable was spotted showering Monke with bundles of ₦500 bills in an undisclosed club.

Monke had just made his debut a few hours earlier, and the joyful occasion was captured with him singing along while cash rained down.

As reported by Naijalegit previously, Portable terminated Young Duu’s contract due to alleged associations with his rivals.

In the days following Young Duu’s departure from Zeh Nation Records, Portable openly expressed his support and frequently performed with his newly signed artist, Monke.

Upon its online release, the post garnered a multitude of reactions from viewers.

Here are some of the comments:

@officialljabless: “Justice for Youngii Duu.”
oluwatosinolatuka: “At least it’s better than Young Duu, right?”

Treasure: “Thank you, Mr. Portable, for giving Youngu Duu more fame.”

marywalter849: “Portable is probably hurting because he’ll be spraying money again tomorrow for another week.”

RukzyDc: “Don’t hate on him. Even though he’s spending his money, there are plenty of mature people in our country.”

___BIG_tunaOfAfrica: “Did anyone notice the guy packing the money? He was like, ‘Give me my money.'”

peoplemosttalk: “Wow, did anyone else notice that they’re respraying the money they sprayed before?”

endurance: “There are definitely fans of this kind of music and people, for sure.”

Oseni Usman Oladele: “Youngydu sure brought trouble to Portable. Quite a situation.”

Watch the video below

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