“church money no do pastor again oo e won use young duu trend “- Celestial church causes buzz, plays ‘Oyinmo,’ hit song by Portable’s ex-signee, Young Duu

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian singer Portable gained significant recognition when a song he previously signed with Young Duu was performed in a celestial chapel.

A video of this moment has gone viral online, showing a congregation in what appears to be a Celestial church joyfully singing and dancing to Young Duu’s track “Oyinmo.”

Young Duu made headlines with his departure from Zeh Nation, a record label owned by Portable, which came after the termination of his contract by his previous employer.

After his departure, Young Duu released a few songs, with “Oyinmo” being his latest. The unexpected use of this song in a Celestial Chapel caught the attention of social media users and sparked discussions. Here are some reactions from social media:

Kidoboy123: “Seems like Young Duu has used Portable’s soap for a bath.”

AYOBAMMY__FX: “Life has certainly changed…imagine it happening inside a church.”

EquivalentBread: “Inside a church…this is why people often mock the church.”

kay_dee: “It looks like Young Duu used Portable’s soap and caused a commotion. Maybe that’s why Young Duu didn’t want to speak out.”

[email protected]: “Pastor, you’ll have a lot of explaining to do.”

Felix Temitope Akand: “I told everyone that Young Duu had a mission, now he’s used Portable, and our eyes are open.”

Lucas: “Portable is in for some trouble.”

emmyratepoundz3: “Celestial folks are crazy. They used to sing Portable songs during church gatherings at my place.”

mistysure: “It’s starting to look like everything was a setup with what’s happening with Young Duu.”

kouessi Hakim: “Church offerings aren’t enough for the pastor; now he wants to use Young Duu to trend.”



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