“Why My Ex-Wife Wasn’t a Mistake in My Life” – Bolanle Ninalowo Opens Up and Discusses His Current Love Life (Video)

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The marriage between Nollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo and his wife Bunmi, spanning over a decade, has come to an end. However, Ninalowo doesn’t view this as a mistake in his life. During an interview with TVC, he emphasized his belief in being a special person, anointed, graceful, and spiritual.

He explained that despite the dissolution of his marriage, he considers his ex-wife to have been a part of a divine plan in his life, and that he expects the next woman he meets to be equally divine.

Ninalowo highlighted the importance of the journey in reaching a destination, with his ex-wife being a significant part of that journey. In terms of his current relationship status, he mentioned that he is not actively seeking a new relationship but believes that when the right woman comes along, he will recognize it.

“I am a unique individual, anointed, graceful, and deeply spiritual. My former wife was not a mistake in my life; it was a divine connection, and I believe the next woman I encounter will also be divinely appointed.

In the journey of life, you can’t reach your destination without traversing the path, and I am on that journey. I am not actively pursuing a relationship with any woman, but when I come across the right person, I will recognize her.”

In September, Bolanle Ninalowo made headlines when he announced the end of his marriage. In a heartfelt Instagram post, the actor acknowledged the reality of their separation, highlighting the efforts he had made to salvage the relationship, all of which had proven futile.

As a response to an old video circulating online, in which he admitted to past mistakes that had previously strained his marriage, Bolanle made it clear that he owed no one an explanation for his life choices, asserting that he is a conqueror.

What surprised many was his jubilant response to the news of his marriage ending. In the same week, he hinted at the possibility of finding new love and sought dating advice from his fans, indicating a newfound sense of excitement and a willingness to embrace life with open arms.

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