“This Could Be True With All This Evidence”– Fans Say As Samklef Reveals That Bobrisky Used His Dad and Manhœd For Money And Fame Rituæl With Back Up Evidence (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian music producer Samklef has responded to crossdresser Bobrisky following a recent altercation between them. The dispute arose when Bobrisky criticized Samklef for publicly addressing unpaid bills with Davido and claimed that Davido had blocked him on Instagram.

Bobrisky issued a warning to Samklef, urging him not to tarnish Davido’s reputation and asserting that the matter was of no interest to anyone.

Bobrisky additionally pointed out that had Samklef addressed the matter with Davido before being blocked, it might have garnered more credibility and a larger audience for his concerns. He proceeded to criticize the producer, labeling him as a failure in multiple aspects.

In response, Samklef alleged that Bobrisky had been involved in rituals related to his manhood to attain wealth and fame, with the assistance of an Alfa in Ilorin. For more details,

He expressed,

Allow me to introduce the first Nigerian senior man who employed his manhood for money and fame rituals! With the aid of some Ilorin Alfa! He goes by the name Bobrisky. He’s essentially a walking corpse 🧟‍♀️ oops! Debts will always catch up with spendthrifts!”

Watch him speak below;

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