“Thank You Gistlover, Thank You My Good People”Actor Lekan Olatunji Goes On his Kneel To Appreciate Gistlover And Nigeria As A Whole With Tears Rolling Down His Eyes As Royal Huge Surprise Him On Movie Set (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

A remarkable surprise took place in Lagos, where a team from Royal Huge visited Ijebu, a part of Ogun State, to provide a heartwarming surprise to Mr. Lekan Olatunji while he was on a movie set.

The actor expressed his gratitude by going down on his knees to appreciate Gistlover and all the individuals who had contributed money for him online, shedding tears of joy in the process. It was a touching moment that deeply moved fans and well-wishers.

@royalhugssurprises reached out to me yesterday and had a plan to give @lekanolatunji01 a special Royal Hugs surprise today.

Although Mr. Tunji was on set in Ijebu, Royal Hugs made the journey from Lagos to Ijebu to surprise him and lift his spirits.

Royal Hugs, you are truly appreciated, and we pray for the success of your business. She also gifted him some money and said it was a gift from Jeanslover.

Mr. @lekanolatunji01’s smile is all thanks to @royalhugssurprises, she’s an absolute legend. I didn’t pay for it, and we are so grateful. Next, please!

Watch the video below to see the heartwarming moment.

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  • Adun_maadan: We are eagerly awaiting the movie. I don’t typically watch Yoruba movies, but this one, I’m really looking forward to. By the way, no one should beg this man for money. No one is entitled to the money. It’s for him and him alone. He can decide what to do with it. Alhamdullilah. God is really great. This is so beautiful 😍.
  • _sa_buzz: Totally ignoring him could have led to a tragic event. Seeing this turnaround gives me a lot of joy. Thanks to those who made this happen.
  • Adetolaboluwatife: And I haven’t seen any Nollywood personalities acknowledging Oba since yesterday, but when Oba decides to reveal your dirty secrets, you will start shouting, right? Odigba nah.
  • Houzafrosea: Y’all just don’t know, if he had 100 reasons to live today and maybe 99 tomorrow, he now has 1001 reasons to keep living. So I hope for everyone seeking the same reason not to give up. God bless Gistlover and Gistlovers 🙌🙌🙌. Such a breath of fresh air, love it.
  • Nike_emr: Okay, this is finally making me teary as my company @emrglobal turns 12 today. Everything isn’t going as planned, but I’m still thankful. When there’s life, there’s hope. It’s not easy when you are doing everything on your own. THANKFUL. Still wishing Mr. Olatunji a fresh start. A big thanks to everyone who supported our EMR giveaway. Didn’t let me down. Gistlover family, you are the BEST 🙏🙏🙏.

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