“God bear me witness, I was never involved in any infidelity or domestic viiolence” – Bolanle Ninalowo sets the record straight about his divorce (Video).

Written by fazazy39

Bolanle Ninalowo, a Nollywood actor, has set the record straight about his divorce from Bunmi. In an interview on TVC’s “Your View,” the actor clarified that he had never physically abused his wife and that he had never cheated on her.

He also mentioned how his wife was unknown until he began praising her on social media, at which point she shot to fame.

He continued by saying that, as a lover, he would treat a new woman the same way he treated his former one if he met her tomorrow and fell in love. Bolanle Ninalowo emphasized that he believes in showing his love openly and would not change that approach in future relationships.

In the interview, Bolanle Ninalowo stated that he doesn’t view his ex-wife as a mistake in his life, considering their relationship as something divine. He reflected on the idea that you can’t reach a destination without a journey, and his ex-wife was an integral part of his life journey.

He also touched upon his current relationship status. Additionally, he addressed the old video in which he admitted to cheating and living a shameful lifestyle, stating that he owes no one an explanation for his life decisions and confidently expressing himself as a conqueror.

This was a surprising statement from him, as he jubilated over the news of his marriage ending.

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