“When Mohbad’s wife was pregnant, they were living with Bella Shmurda” – Iyabo Ojo sheds light on friendship

Written by fazazy39

Renowned actress Iyabo Ojo has provided further insights into Mohbad’s assault, passing, and family background, particularly delving into the singer’s friendship with Bella Shmurda.

Media personality Daddy Freeze recently conducted an interview with her in which she delved into the complex issues within Mohbad’s family.

Iyabo Ojo pointed out that there is indeed a significant conflict between Mohbad’s father and his wife’s family.

She disclosed that prior to his passing, Mohbad and his wife had a traditional wedding. However, she mentioned that she was unsure whether it was the full traditional wedding or just an introductory ceremony, but some form of marriage event had taken place.

Furthermore, she mentioned that during Mohbad’s wife’s pregnancy, both she and the singer were residing with Bella Shmurda, who provided them with support until Mohbad’s career improved, allowing him to secure his own residence and move out.

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