“What God Can’t Do Does Not Exist”– Reaction As Erekere Finally Found Love Set To Wedd His Beautiful Fiance (Watch)

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The popular comedian known as “The Pastor’s Pikin,” often referred to as Erekere, has shared another entertaining comedy skit on his page. In this video, Erekere invites his friend Adex Berry to accompany him to his fiancée’s family home to ask for her hand in marriage.

Upon their arrival, the mother of the young lady jokingly refers to Erekere as her future son-in-law, while Erekere, due to his attire, is playfully cast as the driver.

Erekere couldn’t contain his amusement, and he promptly spoke up to clarify that he is the finance (fiancé) of the woman’s daughter and that they have come to seek her daughter’s hand in marriage. The humorous father-in-law of Erekere then presented a list of items he needed to provide in order to marry her daughter.

However, the moment Erekere and his friend saw the extensive and expensive list, they couldn’t help themselves and instantly disappeared from the house.

Watch The Video Below;

Here are the reactions from netizens to his new comedy skit video:

  1. Pastoraji_real: “Adex, don’t take our wife 😡😡😡😂😂😂.”
  2. Warisi_pomse: “You, who will later steal her away from your in-law, it’s better not to be recognized as the husband 😮😮😮.”
  3. Always_connects: “If you want us to KILL this Ole Erekere before he finishes us, join the Likes 😍😍😍.”
  4. Kay_d_verifiied_barber: “Just slap the lion once and for all 😂😂, he’s crazy.”

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