I have a huge crush on VeryDarkBlackMan, I’m in love with him – Woman cries out (Video)

Written by fazazy39

A video circulating on social media features a woman, known as Amaranne on Instagram, openly expressing her immense crush on activist VeryDarkBlackMan. In the video, she admits to experiencing sleepless nights due to her deep affection for him and can no longer keep it a secret.

It’s worth noting that VeryDarkBlackMan gained notoriety for his confrontations with popular skincare brand Jenny’s Glow over the absence of a NAFDAC number on their products. He has also engaged in heated disputes with actress Nkechi Blessing and called for a DNA test in the case of the late singer Mohbad, among other incidents.

Despite the mixed reactions towards the activist, the woman in the viral video openly admitted to being infatuated with VeryDarkBlackMan. She confessed that she has been so enamored with him that it’s affecting her concentration. She further revealed that whenever she watches VeryDarkBlackMan’s videos, she becomes aroused and experiences physical responses.

In the video, she also enumerated the qualities that endear VeryDarkBlackMan to her, which include his height, robust physique, dark complexion, striking handsomeness, and his captivating, romantic eyes.

The woman made it clear to VeryDarkBlackMan that she genuinely admires him and hopes for a positive response, urging him not to reply with a “No.”

Watch the video below;

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